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Sewall Hall 402
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Art Museums Experiment with Broadcasting, 1951-66

Organized by Meredith Goldsmith

September 25-November 14
Opening reception September 25, 7:00 p.m.

Sewall Hall 402
Facing charges of elitism, the need to cultivate a broader audience, and a genuine excitement for technology, American museums asked, "How can we use this new medium of television to turn living rooms into extensions of our galleries?"  In hindsight, the resulting programs appear at times awkward, earnest, funny, charming, and ingenious.

This exhibition brings together the history of early public television broadcasting in Houston with early experiments in turning the museum into a televisual experience for the home viewer.

Highlights of the video program include Dominique de Menil demonstrating a modern coffee table in 1952, dixieland jazz on San Francisco Museum of Art's live program Discovery!, Brian O'Doherty's Invitation to Art, Director John Sweeney on Arts in Houston punctuating a virtual tour of the MFAH with comments on Houston collecting in 1963, and Barbra Streisand singing inside paintings.


Art in TV Exhibit  

 Photo Credits:

Frank Stauffacher, left, and Allon Shoener for an episode of "Art in your Life," 1953
Image courtesy San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Research Library

Filming "Art in your Life" in 1951
Image courtesy San Francisco Museum of Modern Art Research Library

Dominique de Menil demonstrates a closet in the CAMH exhibition Interiors:
Beauty within Reach of Hand and Budget,
1952. Image courtesy of The Menil Archives.